TeamDARE is a small team of enthusiastic engineering specialists that share a common hobby: building robots!

The team originates from an internship at the TU/e back in 2001, while participating at Eurobot. Ever since, TeamDARE has been building robots and participated at competitions such as Robot Wars in 2002 and Eurobot in 2005 and 2006. Since 2008, TeamDARE builds music robots.

The team is unique in combining industry daily experience in embedded, intelligent systems, with long term friendship and experience in robot building. The team’s strength is its balance and synergy between mechanics, electronics and computer science. This and help from sponsors make it possible for the team members to combine these endeavors with their full time jobs.

The TeamDARE members are:

Arne de Roest   Mechanics
Bas van de Ven   Software
Bart Janssen   Mechanics
Chris Verhoek   Mechatronics
Dimitri van Heesch   Software
Frank van Heesch   Electronics
Heico Sandee   Electronics
Mark Nievelstein   Mechanics
Ward van Vlimmeren   Electronics

Currently, TeamDARE is working on Iggy and a saxophone robot.