TeamDARE is building music playing robots while leaving the instruments unaltered.

The machines are build such that they bring out the best of the acoustical instruments. The robots operate very silent to not disturb the sound of the music. Human playing quality is taken as a minimum reference. For these reasons, TeamDARE is not building humanoid robots or changing the instruments.

TeamDARE always strives to develop and design their own solutions, with attention to simplicity and low cost. This includes circuit design and layout, building and designing mechanical constructions that require a minimum amount of difficult-to-construct parts, and software design with a preference for open source and solutions that are backed-up by thriving software communities.

Currently, TeamDARE is working on a saxophone playing robot. Since the saxophone’s nozzle control has proven to be extremely complex. The Technical University of Eindhoven is helping us out with the nozzle controller.